How to Remove a Barrel Lock From a Gas Meter

When it’s time to move, you have to take everything. Even the things you don’t see every day, like the barrel lock on your gas meter. This article will discuss how to remove a barrel lock from a gas meter without damaging your meter or property. When you find a new home, the first thing you do is remove the barrel lock from your gas meter. How you do it can make a difference if you ever try to sell your house or even use the service again.

Let’s look at how you can remove the barrel lock from your gas meter without doing any damage. First, it’s generally recommended that you turn off the main shutoff valve for your home before you attempt to remove the barrel lock. This will ensure that an accidental gas leak harms no one if something goes wrong during your attempt. It also provides that there isn’t any gas entering your house until you get the barrel locked off.

What Is A Gas Meter?

A gas meter is your household’s way of measuring the amount of natural gas being used at any given time. It usually sits by itself in one spot close to your home. How much gas the household uses every month determines how much you pay for it, so knowing exactly what goes on inside can help you prevent waste and protect your family better.

A barrel lock is a type of padlock used to prevent tampering with the gas meter at the side of your house. It’s essential to have this protected because if somebody tampers with it, they can potentially turn off your natural gas supply. While this is very dangerous and not a good idea, it happens and can be stopped after removing the barrel lock.

Monitors The Meter

A gas meter is somewhere near the gas company’s box on your property. The meter monitors how much of a resource, such as natural gas, you’re using and measures it in dollars and cents. If something goes wrong with your meter or line leading to it, call a licensed plumber or gas fitter rather than attempting to repair yourself because high-pressure natural gas could flow through the pipes.

Required Tools:

  • Pliers
  • Large screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wire cutters or snips

A Stepwise Guide on How to Remove a Barrel Lock From a Gas Meter

Step 1: Determine How the Barrel Lock is Attached to the Meter

The barrel lock you want to remove from your gas meter may be attached in one of two ways: either by a nut and bolt connection or with a crimp-on collar. You will first need to determine how the device was physically installed onto your gas meter to remove it. You will need a pair of pliers, a large screwdriver, and some wire cutters or snips for this task.

 Removing the Barrel Lock

Step 2: Turn Off the Gas Meter

Before you begin the task of removing the barrel lock, it is essential to turn off your old gas meter. The best way is to find the shutoff valve that connects your home’s supply line into the main pipe coming from your local utility company. Once you have found that, close it until it does not go further. Be careful when doing this because if there is a high degree of pressure in your system, opening or closing the valve could cause an explosion!

If pressure does exist in your system when you are trying to turn off the valve, release some of it by lightly tapping on one side of its face with a hammer. Doing this will relieve enough of the pressure to turn off the gas will not cause an explosion. This is an essential step and must not be skipped.

Step 3: Remove the Barrel Lock Nut

Your barrel lock may have been installed with a nut and bolt connection, which means that there will be two things you need to remove: the bolt itself and the nut holding it in place. To do this, turn your wire cutters or snips into pliers. Use them to firmly grip onto the head of the bolt by inserting one jaw on either side of its face, then twist until it snaps off from its connection with the nut.

You can also use a hammer to help out in this process. It should only take a few gentle taps before it pops right off! If you cannot get a good grip on the head of the bolt, your wire cutters or snips should be able to handle this task as long as you have a good grip on both sides of its face.

Step 4: Remove the Barrel Lock Crimp-on Collar

If, after following these instructions, you discover that your barrel lock was attached with a crimp-on collar, then congratulations! You are done and can now move on to the next step. However, if it turns out that there is no shoulder under one side of your barrel lock but instead just a metal tube built onto the meter itself with no way for you to access it from underneath, you will need almost all of your tools again to remove it.

You will first need to tap on the crimp-on collar from underneath with a hammer until it breaks free from its grip on the top of the meter. Once that is off, grab hold of it and pull straight up until it comes loose from its connection with the metal tube coming out of your gas meter.

Step 5: Turn Your Meter Back On

Once you have removed both pieces of your barrel lock, turn your shutoff valve back on and start up your old gas meter so that you can use it as usual. If you plan to reuse either part at some other time because they still function as intended, store them away for future use! Otherwise, feel free to discard them by bringing them to a local recycling center.

At this point, you should also take a moment to look at your gas meter and make sure that the way it is currently working is usual for one in good condition. If there are any physical issues with it regarding bent caps or other damages, consider contacting a professional plumber who can address all of your home’s plumbing needs and help get the problem sorted out.

Once you have completed this task, you should be able to remove just about any barrel lock from your old gas meter without too much hassle so long as you know what type was installed beforehand! These steps will help in how to remove a barrel lock from a gas meter.


1. Remove a stopcock key from a pocket use it to turn off the tap of the stopcock so that no more gas flows into your home or business premises.

2. Prevent children and animals from getting near your project, so they don’t get burned when you remove the lock from the gas meter barrel if there is still some residual pressure.

3. Protect your face with safety goggles to avoid any unpleasant accidents when removing the lock from the gas meter barrel if there is still some residual pressure.

4. Open windows for ventilation, especially if you’re working in confined spaces like under lower floors or under kitchen cabinets (better yet – do this job outdoors).

Barrel Lock on Your Meter


How Does a Barrel Lock Plunger Key Work?

In some instances, a gas company will place a barrel lock on your meter as a more secure way of protecting it from theft and unnecessary tampering. The plunger key that comes with most barrel locks is designed with an up and down motion; when inserted into the bottom slot of the meter, you’ll be able to lift on the plunger (using two hands) until it clicks.

This will cause one end of the barrel lock’s keyhole to rise off its hinge point. You’ll need to rotate your wrist clockwise to move this pin system; continue rotating your wrist under the meter until you hear three distinct clicks. At this point, the barrel lock should come loose and be able to slide off of your meter. This process can be repeated if you want to take the barrel lock with you to protect your meter from tampering with anyone else.

Can I Padlock My Gas Meter?

Technically, it is possible to padlock your gas meter, but whether it is legal or not may depend on your location and how the meter is installed. In some areas, tampering with a gas meter can be considered a criminal offense, so it is important to check with your gas company before attempting to do anything with your meter.

In general, gas meters are owned by the gas company and are installed for safety reasons, so any tampering could potentially result in a safety hazard. If you have concerns about someone accessing your gas meter without your permission, it may be best to speak directly to your gas company and explore other options for securing your meter.

What Happens if You Cut Lock Off Gas Meter?

A barrel lock, or meter lock, is a keyed device that locks the flow of gas coming into your home. It is used to protect you if someone tries to tap into your supply illegally. Call the utility company immediately if you find that your meter lock has been cut off. You don’t want anyone tampering with the gas flow to your home!

Depending on what type of meter lock was cut off (some are harder than others), it may be an easy fix for a locksmith to replace it for you. Replacing your old barrel lock with a new one will ensure that no person can access your pipe and start siphoning away your natural gas.


Barrel locks on gas meters can be a pain, but they’re easy to remove with the right tools. We hope this article on how to remove a barrel lock from a gas meter has shown you how simple it is to take off a barrel lock and that you’ll never have to worry about being locked out of your meter again.

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