How to Take Lock Off Gas Meter

Many utility companies have implemented locks on their gas meters to prevent gas theft. While this is an effective way to deter thieves, it can also be a hassle for customers who need access to the meter. In this article, we will show you how to take lock off gas meter in just a few minutes. Keep reading for more information!

How to Take Lock Off Gas Meter

Sometimes you will need to take a lock off the gas meter for your reasons, such as cleaning the meter or needing access to make repairs. Other times you might suspect that someone has tampered with your gas meter, and you’ll want to find out if it’s safe before turning on the gas again. But, on the other hand, you could be locked out of your home, and your gas company stopped by but can’t help you because they don’t have a key that fits the lock. How annoying!

What Is a Gas Meter Lock Used for?

Gas meter locks are used to prevent gas meters from being tampered with. The purpose of these locks is to ensure that gas flow stays steady no matter who turns on or off the main valve. If your house uses a gas meter lock, you might have noticed that gas flow stops at your valves whenever you turn off the gas at the main shutoff.

This is because the main valve on the street and the valves that supply your appliances feed off one another. So if you turn your gas off at your home, it also shuts down wherever you have connected appliances.

Gas Flow Stays Steady

Where Is a Gas Meter Located?

A gas meter is a device that measures the amount of natural or propane gas being used in a household. The meters are typically located outside, near an exterior wall, and close to where the gas line enters the home.

Some homes have more than one meter, usually for commercial purposes such as different heating areas of a building with separate units, or for commercial enterprises that may have several buildings on one lot. Because of the security issues of having multiple meters, locks are installed on them to prevent tampering.

Tools and Materials:

  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Socket set
  • Gloves

A Stepwise Guide on How to Take Lock Off Gas Meter

Step 1: Determine What Style Your Gas Meter Lock Is.

There are two types of gas meters:

– A Meter Key Type, so named because the lock can only be opened with a key or unique tool. These locks will have “KEY ONLY” stamped at the top of the lock.

– A Combination Style, so named because it can be opened either by a lock and hasp combo or by turning a dial to the correct number and then turning the bolt to release and open it. The combination styles typically say “PUSH TO OPEN.” However, every manufacturer has its specific way of marking its locks for identification purposes.

Step 2: Remove the Top of the Screw and Smooth the Threading Located at the Top of the Screw.

If your Gas meter is a Meter Key style, you’ll have to look directly under the “KEY ONLY” stamp located at the top of the lock, where there are three small screws covering the lock with a smooth opening facing upward. Take out these three screws and run your fingers down along the opening until you feel that they have been removed.

A key will then be able to fit into this space, within which you can turn it to shut off your gas supply. If this doesn’t work, check if it has a separate latch, requiring an additional step to unlock it using a wrench or pliers.

Step 3: Use a Wrench or Pliers and Detach the Door From Its Place and Set It Aside.

If your meter lock is a combination style, you’ll have to locate the dial on the face of your gas meter. This can be identified by the specific number of markings placed on it in an alternating pattern. Next, turn the dial until it points at 0 and then pull outwards on the black plug that holds it into place.

The plug will now come loose, and you can simply turn it with your fingers. The door covering the hasp will now fall and open up to an empty compartment where you can see two holes: one at the top for attaching a padlock and another below for inserting a bolt-type key (which may not be included). This is a crucial step in how to take lock off gas meter.

Step 4: Insert the Screw Inside the Meter Lock and Turn It Around.

If your gas meter lock is the Meter Key type, you’ll have to insert the key into the small opening at the top of the lock and turn it around. There will be a lot of resistance and difficulty when doing this because you’re breaking up rust that has built up both inside and outside of your meter. You may even need to use pliers by moving them back and forth along its edges to open them.

If all else fails, take a wrench to loosen up its internal screws before turning it around with any means possible. Repeat this process until you’ve broken through or effectively reached maximum strength for whichever tool you are using. Once done, take out the screw but leave the door dangling from its place by only one sole screw.

Step 5: Open the Door to Reveal the Gas Meter’s Control Unit and Shut Off Your Gas Supply by Turning a Knob Located on It.

If your meter lock is a combination style, you’ll only have to open the face of the meter lid using one hand while twisting or turning a knob with your other hand, which will then cause a bolt inside of it to turn along with the dial that you turned until reaching 0.

The door covering both bolts will now fall, exposing its contents which may look like nothing more than dust and rust from years of accumulated buildup from within the chamber. However, if you happen upon another lock mechanism holding it in place, use wrenches or pliers on its inner edges to break it before removing it from its place.

Step 6: Close the Door and Replace the Screws to Cover the Hasp.

If you’re dealing with a Meter Key type, insert both ends of one flathead screwdriver into each opening at the top of your meter lock to turn them around and close it back up. You may also attempt to twist or turn both dials until they reach a number other than 0, which will effectively shut off your gas supply before replacing them with bolts within its chamber.

If all else fails, leave the door dangling open for future access while you wait until tomorrow when someone comes by to check on your meter’s condition. Then, they can get inside quickly without damaging anything due to their minuscule size and have the capacity to shut it off from within.

Step 7: if Both Dials Don’t Work, You Will Have to Call the Gas Company and Wait for a Specialist to Come by.

If your gas meter lock is a combination type and neither of the two dials turns, try replacing batteries that may have died out. Otherwise, you should call your local gas company to send over a specialist who can open it for you without causing any damage. They should be able to do this without breaking or damaging anything since they specialize in dealing with locks of this nature.

However, if they are unable or unwilling to help you with your problem, there’s little choice but to leave the door hanging open until tomorrow when someone comes by for repairs. There is still a slight chance of turning the dials on your own after enough persistence, but you may need to get yourself a metal file to make it work properly. If none of this works, then only the specialist will be able to help you since opening it from within can cause damage if attempted by someone without proper training and skill.

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Take the necessary precautions before taking the lock off the gas meter.

  • Keep all children away
  • Shut windows, doors, and air vents to keep all pets inside during this procedure.
  • Ensure that there is no combustible material in the vicinity of the meter’s location.
  • Take help from the authorities only if you are not confident about performing this task independently.
  • Ensure that the gas is turned off at the main valve before attempting this process.
  • Wear safety gloves to protect yourself from any injuries or cuts.

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We hope you have learned everything about how to take lock off gas meter. If you are a renter and feel like you are being taken advantage of by your landlord, there is something you can do. You have the right to assume the lock off of your gas meter. By taking the lock off of your gas meter, you can ensure that you will be able to get service if there is an emergency. Contact your landlord and let them know that you have taken the lock off of your gas meter and expect them to provide service in case of an emergency.

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