How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key

No one ever thinks they’ll need to know how to open a magnetic lock without a key, but Murphy’s Law dictates that you will someday. If you’re lucky, you might have a spare key hidden somewhere on your property. But if you don’t, there are still ways to get inside. In this article, we’ll show you how to open magnetic lock without key using some simple tools and techniques. So read on, and be prepared for anything!

How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key.

Magnetic locks are usually found on the front and back doors and storage units. If you don’t have a key to open the door, you’ll need some essential tools and a little time before getting inside. A magnetic lock works by passing a magnet over metal strips embedded in the door frame or storage unit wall. When they come into contact with each other, the lock opens.

Why Use Magnetic Door Lock?

Several people choose to use magnetic door locks in place of keys, combinations, or RFID cards. Here are just some of the advantages that come with these types of locks:

Easily Adapted for Any Application

Magnetic locks can be used on standard doors and drawers. They can also be installed on garage doors, storefronts, filing cabinets, safes, vending machines, etc. These locks work best when a metal surface is present, so you’ll usually find them installed on metal or steel door frames. However, other options are available if you don’t have this type of door frame, including establishing an anchor plate that will allow you to install these locks onto other surfaces.

Remember Your Code

No Keys to Lose or Carry Around

These magnetic locks eliminate the need to carry a key around with you. Remember your code, and it’s impossible to lock yourself out of your home, garage, business, or other location that requires security access. You can change user codes as often as necessary, so there are no worries about someone who shouldn’t have access to your home, office, or other location getting a hold of one of your keys.

Many Options Available for Keypads

These locks are available with several keypads, including numeric, numerical, hand-held wireless, and even biometric entry systems. The more expensive models usually offer the best security to choose the best lock available for your budget. In addition, many of these locks offer built-in fail-safes, so even if there is a power outage or other malfunction, you will still be able to open your door without issue.

A Detailed Guide on How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key

Method 1: Try Using HID Keycard Reader

This method works only if you have the HID Keycard Reader. Most brands of these magnetic locks are programmed to open when they sense a compatible card. If the lock is not opening, it may be that your keycard reader is broken or unplugged. Check that it’s working, and then use the following process:

HID Keycard Reader
  • – Reinsert the keycard into the reader
  • – Press “open” on the door panel pad (the device on which you enter your PIN) for 1 second
  • – While holding down open on the door panel pad, insert a new keycard

Now try again – if this doesn’t work, proceed to Method 2 below. If it does work, good job! Your problem was an easy one to solve.

Method 2: Numeric Keypad

If you’ve tried Method 1 and it didn’t work, your keycard reader is probably working. The most common reason a lock won’t open is that the code has been changed or the battery in your numeric keypad is dead.

– Verify that there is power at the lock by checking to see if the red light on the door panel pad (the device where you enter your PIN) is on. You may need to unplug and reinsert the cord into this socket for it to work, so try doing that. If nothing else seems to be happening, try plugging in one of those small fans which plug directly into an outlet instead – these often have 12V batteries inside them and can substitute perfectly for the lock’s cord.

– If this doesn’t work, try unplugging the power cord and taking out the battery in your keypad by using a small screwdriver to pry open the battery compartment. Be sure to keep track of which direction the “+” sign on the battery is facing (most batteries are polarized, meaning that they can only be inserted one way into their socket). Once you’ve taken it out, put it back in with the “+” sign facing up.

Try Reinserting Your Keycard

– Plugin your power cord again and try reinserting your keycard; if still nothing happens, go ahead and insert new batteries – make sure all three batteries are working before finally giving up! Try turning them around or replacing them if necessary (all three batteries must be replaced at once, and they cannot be inserted backward).

– If replacing or rotating the batteries doesn’t work, you probably have a faulty reader.

Method 3: Biometric Sensors (If your door is not using HID)

To open a magnetic lock without a key is through biometric sensors. This works only if your door uses fingerprint sensors instead of standard keycard readers, and because it’s such a convenient solution, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be prepared for this. (It also means that if someone has stolen your keycard, they won’t be able to get in with it!) To give yourself access via biometrics:

– Approach the pad with your finger or thumb on it

– Hold it there until you hear a click, at which point the light on the reader should turn green, indicating that you’ve been admitted

You can also try swiping your fingers across the reader straight, quick motion. Finally, if you still can’t get in with your biometric reader, try swiping it from side to side.

If you’re trying to open the lock and the light on the door panel pad is red or if nothing seems to be working, then there’s a high chance that this particular magnetic lock has been programmed not to open without a keycard and PIN code. There may also be problems with the power supply.

Method 4: Exit Switch

If everything else has been tried and the lock still won’t open, it may be that your entry switch is faulty. An exit switch allows you to open a magnetic lock inside the room without inserting a keycard or sliding any card through the reader. If the lock isn’t responding to your keycard at all, then this might be why – try closing and opening your door using this method:

– Pull-on the doorknob until you hear a click (not too hard!)

– The light at the top of your door should turn green

– If the light on your door panel pad is still red, try pressing the green button again. Sometimes it takes a few tries for this to work!

If you’re having trouble locking your door when you leave, do the opposite of what you did when trying to open it with the exit switch – pull on the knob until you hear a click and push it back in. The light will turn red during both of these steps.

Method 5: FailSafe Unlock

If the exit switch seems to be working but not responding to your keycard, this is probably because your door may have been programmed for a fail-safe unlock. To change this so that the door will respond to your keycard, all you need to do is:

– Locate the programming button on your lock – it looks like a bit of silver circle with a triangle in it and should be located somewhere near the reader

– Push this button in until you hear a click or feel it depress

– Once this happens, perform a new card swipe or use either of the other two unlocking methods above by pushing down on either end of the reader. If none of these work, try holding down both ends simultaneously

If nothing at all seems to work on your magnetic lock, it’s possible that there was a power outage recently. If the door has an emergency release handle on the inside, you can try using this to open your door manually; if not, call maintenance or building management for assistance. These methods will help in how to open magnetic lock without key.

Can You Force Open a Magnetic Door?

It may be possible to force open a magnetic door, depending on the type of magnetic lock installed on it. However, attempting to force open a magnetic door is usually not recommended and is often considered illegal.

Magnetic doors are designed to be secure and work by using an electromagnetic field to keep the door locked. When a current is applied to the electromagnet, the door is locked, and when the current is turned off, the door is unlocked.

Trying to force open a magnetic door without proper authorization can damage the door and its locking mechanism. It can also trigger an alarm system, which can alert security personnel or law enforcement.

In addition, attempting to force open a magnetic door without proper authorization is a serious security risk. It can compromise the safety and security of the building and the people inside.

In summary, attempting to force open a magnetic door is not recommended and should only be attempted by authorized personnel in emergency situations. It is advised to contact the relevant authority for help in such cases.

Tips and Warnings:

  1. How to open a magnetic lock without a key is not difficult, but it requires some preparation.
  2. It is essential that you know the consequences of your actions, so think twice before proceeding with this article.
  3. Opening a magnetic lock without a key is meant for locksmiths or ex-criminals only! We will not be held responsible for any damage caused by How to manuals! So please have fun opening a nagnetic lock without a key while being cautious and thoughtful about it!


If you are ever in a situation where you need to open a magnetic lock without the key, there is a way to do it. Using a strong magnet can create enough force to override the locking mechanism and open the door. Remember, this will only work on locks with an exposed magnet inside them. Be careful not to damage the lock or yourself when trying this method. We hope you find this article on how to open magnetic lock without key helpful.

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