How to Paint Stairs Black

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish way to update your staircase, why not consider painting it black? Painting the stairs of your home is an easy DIY project that can transform the look of both indoor and outdoor spaces in an instant.

How to Paint Stairs Black

Not only does painting your stairs black make them pop against light-colored walls, but it’s also surprisingly low maintenance for its bold color effect. From prepping and priming steps to choosing the right supplies and protective finishings, this blog post on how to paint stairs black will guide you through every step of the process to help make sure that your stairways look their best!

Why Painting Stairs Black is Beneficial?

Painting your stairs black offers a number of benefits that all homeowners should consider, especially if you have an open-concept space. Firstly, painting your staircase black makes it a focal point in any room, creating an eye-catching effect that will add definition and style to the entire area. 

Secondly, this color is surprisingly low maintenance as it is not prone to fading or chipping and will not show dirt or dust easily. Finally, painting your stairs black is a relatively simple DIY project that can be completed within one weekend, allowing you to quickly update the look of your space.

Preparing Your Stairs for Painting

When learning how to paint stairs black it’s important to thoroughly prep each step. Start by removing any old paint and debris from the steps, taking special care to sand down any rough or uneven surfaces. If your stairs have carpeting, you will need to remove them before painting.

Once all of the old paint and debris have been removed, move on to cleaning the entire area with a damp rag or sponge, taking special care to remove any dirt or residue that could affect the new paint job.

Choosing the Right Paint and Primer

When painting your stairs black, it’s important to find a quality product that can withstand wear and tear over time. Choose a high-gloss paint with a durable finish, as this will ensure that your stairs look their best for years to come. You will also need a primer, as this will help ensure that the paint adheres properly to the surface of your steps.

When Painting Your Stairs

Needed Materials and Tools

Before you start painting your stairs black, make sure to gather all of the necessary tools and materials. This includes:

  • Paint tray
  • Roller and brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths or tarps to protect the surrounding area from splatters and spills
  • Rags and sponges for cleaning up messes
  • A vacuum for removing dust and debris.

10 Tips on How to Paint Stairs Black

1. Prepare the Area

Start by prepping the area by removing any old paint, dirt, or debris from the stairs. It will also be necessary to remove any carpeting if present. Dirt or dust left behind can cause the paint to not properly adhere, so make sure that you thoroughly clean the area with a damp rag or sponge before proceeding.

2. Choose Quality Paint and Primer

Choose high-quality paint in a black finish as well as a primer for the best results. This will help ensure that your staircase looks its best for years to come.

3. Choose the Right Tools

Vacuum for Removing Dust

Make sure you have all of the necessary supplies, including a roller and brush, tape, drop cloths or tarps for protecting the area from splatters and spills, rags and sponges for cleaning up messes, and a vacuum for removing dust and debris.

4. Tape Off the Edges

Use painter’s tape to protect the edges of each step, as well as any areas that you don’t wish to be painted. This will help ensure a clean finish. The edges can also be protected with a damp cloth or sponge.

5. Apply Primer

Using a roller, begin by applying primer to the entire surface of each step. Make sure that you apply an even coat and allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step. The primer will help ensure that the paint adheres properly to the surface.

6. Apply Paint

Once the primer has dried, use a roller and brush to apply a thin coat of black paint to each step. Make sure to start in the corner and work your way out toward the edges. Allow each coat of paint to dry completely before moving on to the next.

7. Add a Second Coat

Once the first coat has dried, add a second coat of paint using the same technique as before. This will help ensure that your stairs have an even finish and are fully covered in black paint. Allow drying completely before proceeding.

Are Fully Covered in Black

8. Remove Painter’s Tape

Once the paint is dry, slowly remove the painter’s tape from each step. Take care not to pull up any of the paint that has already been applied. It will also be necessary to use a rag or sponge to remove any remaining paint from the edges.

9. Allow Paint to Fully Cure

Allow the paint to fully cure before using the stairs. This can take up to two weeks, depending on the type of paint used. That’s how to paint stairs black!

10. Enjoy the Results

Once the paint has fully cured, you can enjoy the results of your hard work. Your stairs will have a sleek and modern look that will last for years to come.

You Can Enjoy the Results

Now that you know how to paint stairs black, you can easily transform any staircase into a stylish centerpiece for your home. With these tips, you will be able to create a stunning look that will last for years to come. So get those supplies out and start painting!

5 Tips to Decorate the Black Stairs

  1. Invest in good quality paint. Use an oil-based paint for durability and longevity. Make sure the sheen is low to reduce slickness on the stairs, especially if there are children in the household. It may be necessary to use a primer before painting the stairs black.
  2. Clean and prepare the surface of the stairs. Remove dirt, grease, and oils using an appropriate cleaner. Fill in any cracks or holes with wood filler if necessary. Sand down rough patches until smooth before painting.
  3. Use painter’s tape to protect baseboards and trim. Cover the steps and risers with drop cloths or newspaper.
  4. Apply a coat of black primer to the stairs, using a brush or roller as appropriate. Allow it to dry completely before applying the topcoat of paint. Paint two thin coats of black paint on each step, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.
  5. After the paint is completely dry, remove the painter’s tape and drop cloths. Consider adding a sealant to further protect your stairs from dirt and wear and tear. With proper care, your black stairs should look beautiful for years to come!

Once you have painted the stairs black, there are a few additional steps to consider in order to beautify and protect your newly painted stairs. Consider adding a pattern or design using stencils, or try painting white stripes for contrast. 

You could also add carpeting to the top step for an extra touch of luxury. Add a stair runner down the middle of the stairs with a coordinating color or pattern for another layer of interest. If you have stairs made from wood, consider staining them for a more rustic look.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of painting stairs black will depend on the size of your staircase, the type of paint you use, and any additional supplies such as tape, drop cloths, and sealant. Primer and paint can range in price from $20-$50 per gallon. If you decide to add a pattern or other elements, such as carpeting, the price will vary depending on the product you choose.

It is important to remember that painting stairs may involve more than one person, so be sure to factor in the cost of labor if you are planning on hiring someone else to do the job. In addition, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools before starting your project. This will help ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently. Taking the necessary time to plan out your project will help you create a beautiful set of black stairs.


To finish up, painting stairs black can create a strong and sophisticated aesthetic. With the right supplies, such as sandpaper, primer, and paint, anyone can transform their stairs. Preparing the surface is also essential when finishing this project – if not done properly, a lack of preparation can lead to an uneven or bumpy texture.

Additionally, choosing an appropriate brush size or roller is important for a well-done job – having the correct tools will avoid any streaks and lines on the final result. Despite its difficulties, painting stairs black does not have to be intimidating and can give your home a refreshing look! Lastly, remember to always take safety precautions when working with ladders or other tools.

By taking these few steps on how to paint stairs black into consideration, you’ll have your stairs looking good as new in no time!

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