How to Clean Nutribullet Blender Pitcher

Do you have a Nutribullet blender? If yes, then you know that it is one of the best blenders on the market. It makes blending easy, but it’s also one of the most powerful blenders available. The only downside to a Nutribullet blender is that the pitcher can be difficult to clean. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to clean nutribullet blender pitcher, then read on.

How to Clean Nutribullet Blender Pitcher

The Nutribullet blender pitcher is a high-powered blending device that is designed to extract nutrients and vitamins from foods. It has a powerful motor that pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and seeds, making it an ideal way to get the most out of your food. The Nutribullet also comes with various attachments and accessories that make it easy to use and clean.

Like me, you probably use your Nutribullet blender every day if you’re like me. It’s a great way to get a quick and healthy breakfast or snack. But if you’re not careful, the pitcher can become dirty and gunked up with residue. In this blog post, I will show you how to clean it quickly and easily. Follow these simple steps, and your Nutribullet will be as good as new.

10 Easy Ways on How to Clean Nutribullet Blender Pitcher

1. Fill the Pitcher With Warm Water.

The first step is to fill the pitcher with warm water. This will help loosen any stubborn dirt or grime that’s clinging to the sides. You can also run the pitcher through a cycle if you have a dishwasher.

Fill the Pitcher  With Warm Water

2. Add Dish Soap.

Fill your sink with warm water and add a drop or two of dish soap. Next, place the NutriBullet blender pitcher in the water and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, use a soft sponge or brush to gently scrub the pitcher, careful not to scratch the plastic.

3. Let Dry.

Once you’ve scrubbed the pitcher clean, rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove any lingering soap residue. Then, set it aside to air dry completely. If you’re in a hurry, you can also dry it with a clean towel. Another way to speed up the drying process is to put the pitcher in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes.

3. Use Vinegar or Baking Soda.

If you’re dealing with tough stains, you can make a paste out of vinegar or baking soda. Rub the paste onto the stains, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. This will give the vinegar or baking soda time to work its way into the stain and break it up. After 30 minutes, scrub the area with a brush to remove the paste and the stain.

4. Rinse Well.

Once you’ve removed the stains, it’s important to rinse the area well. Then, use a clean, damp cloth to remove any residual cleaners. Be sure to rinse the lid, blade, and base thoroughly. You don’t want any cleaner residue left on these surfaces, as it could affect the taste of your next smoothie.

5. Use a Toothbrush.

If you can’t seem to get the stains out, try using a toothbrush. A toothbrush is great for getting into small crevices and can help remove any stubborn stains. Just be sure to use a new toothbrush, so you don’t transfer any bacteria to your clean pitcher.

Use a New Toothbrush

6. Use Rubbing Alcohol.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still dealing with tough stains, then it’s time to bust out the rubbing alcohol. First, pour some alcohol into a clean, dry cloth and rub it into the stained areas of your pitcher. Let the alcohol sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. You may need to repeat this process a few times to remove all the stains.

7. Let It Soak.

If you’re still having trouble getting your pitcher clean, you can try soaking it in a warm water and white vinegar solution. Just mix equal parts of each and let your pitcher soak for a few hours before scrubbing it again. This should help to loosen any tough stains or residue.

8. Use a Magic Eraser.

If you’re out of other options, then you can try using a magic eraser. These sponges are great at removing tough stains and marks from all kinds of surfaces. Just make sure to use one that’s designed for use on non-porous surfaces like the Nutribullet blender pitcher. To use a magic eraser, dampen it with water and then rub it over the stained area.

You may need to apply some elbow grease to remove tough stains, but the magic eraser should do the trick. Rinse the pitcher with warm water to remove any residue from the magic eraser when you’re finished.

9. Try a Clr Bathroom Cleaner.

If you can’t find a magic eraser or just looking for another option, you can try using a Clr bathroom cleaner. All you need to do is mix 1 part Clr cleaner to 3 parts water. Then, use a sponge to apply the mixture to your pitcher and scrub away any remaining residue.

10. Give It a Good Scrubbing.

If you’ve tried all of the above and still have trouble getting your pitcher clean, then it’s time to give it a good scrubbing. Fill your sink with warm, soapy water and use a non-abrasive sponge or brush to scrub the inside and outside of the pitcher. If you’re really struggling to get it clean, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner like Bon Ami.

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Fill Your Sink With  Warm Soapy Water

How Does Prevent Pitcher Stains?

The best way to clean your Nutribullet blender pitcher is to prevent stains in the first place. Always rinse your pitcher immediately after use and avoid letting any liquid or food sit in it for too long. If you notice a stain starting to form, act quickly and scrub it with a soft bristled brush before it can set.

In addition to rinsing your pitcher immediately after use, you should also wash it regularly with warm soapy water. Before rinsing the pitcher clean, be sure to scrub any stubborn stains with a soft bristled brush. If you notice that your pitcher is starting to develop a build-up of stains, you can soak it in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar for 30 minutes to remove the build-up.

Once your pitcher is clean and stain-free, you can store it in the fridge or freezer to help extend its life. Just be sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or place it in a zip-top bag to prevent any stains from forming while it’s in storage.

Tips and Warnings on How to Clean Nutribullet Blender Pitcher


  1. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet before beginning to clean.
  2. Always remove the pitcher lid and blade assembly before attempting to clean.
  3. Never submerge the base of the Nutribullet in water.
  4. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on any blender part.
  5. Rinse the pitcher and lid immediately after each use to prevent staining.


  1. Do not clean the Nutribullet while it is still plugged into an electrical outlet.
  2. Never operate the blender without the pitcher lid in place.
  3. Do not put your hands or any other object inside the pitcher while the blade is spinning.
  4. Never attempt to disassemble the blade assembly. This can result in serious injury.
  5. Keep fingers and other body parts away from the extractor blades at all times. These blades are very sharp and can cause serious cuts.

Some Additional Tips and Tricks to Clean Nutribullet Blender Pitcher

Cleaning a Nutribullet blender pitcher can be an easy and quick process if you know some tips and tricks. Here are some additional tips to help you clean your Nutribullet blender pitcher:

  1. Clean the blades first: Before cleaning the pitcher, make sure you clean the blades first. Take a small brush (like a toothbrush) and clean the blades and the areas around them.
  2. Use warm soapy water: Fill the blender pitcher halfway with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Turn on the blender and let it run for about 30 seconds. This will help clean the inside of the pitcher.
  3. Use vinegar and baking soda: If you have stubborn stains or odors, you can mix vinegar and baking soda to create a cleaning paste. Apply the paste to the pitcher and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water.
  4. Use a bottle brush: Nutribullet pitchers have a narrow opening which can make it difficult to clean. To make this easier, you can use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the pitcher.
  5. Dry the pitcher thoroughly: After cleaning the pitcher, make sure you dry it thoroughly. You can use a soft cloth to dry the inside and let the pitcher air dry for a few hours.

Following these tips and tricks can help you clean your Nutribullet blender pitcher quickly and easily and ensure it is ready for your next delicious smoothie or puree.


Is Nutribullet Pitcher Dishwasher Safe?

This is a common question that we get here at Nutribullet HQ. The answer is yes. The Nutribullet Pitcher is dishwasher safe. However, we do recommend hand washing it as this will help prolong the pitcher’s life. If you do decide to wash it in the dishwasher, make sure to place it on the top rack.

What Can Parts of Nutribullet Go in Dishwasher?

The parts of the Nutribullet that can go in the dishwasher are:

  • The blender pitcher
  • The extractor blade
  • The lip rings
  • The rubber gasket
  • The flip top to-go lids

To clean these parts, place them on the top rack of your dishwasher. Use a mild detergent and run the cycle on a normal setting. Allow the parts to air dry completely before reassembling your Nutribullet.

The following parts of the Nutribullet should NOT go in the dishwasher

  • The power base
  • The cups
  • The blades

To clean these parts, wipe them down with a damp cloth. Use a mild detergent if needed. Do not submerge the power base in water. Instead, allow all parts to air dry completely before reassembling your Nutribullet.

Is the Magic Bullet the Same as Nutribullet?

No, the Magic Bullet is not the same as Nutribullet. Although they are both compact and personal blenders, the Nutribullet is more powerful and has more features than the Magic Bullet. For example, the Nutribullet comes with a pitcher, whereas the Magic Bullet only comes with a cup.

Nutribullet Is More Powerful


A Nutribullet blender is a great tool for making healthy smoothies and other drinks. However, it can be difficult to clean the pitcher if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this post, we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to clean nutribullet blender pitcher. We hope that this information will help you keep your blender in good condition and allow you to continue enjoying delicious smoothies and other drinks.

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