How to Unlock a Master Lock Speed Dial

Although speed dials are typically used to make phone calls, they can also be used to unlock certain types of locks. For example, if you have a Master Lock Speed Dial lock, you can easily open it using the combination stored in the speed dial mechanism. In this article, we will show you how to unlock a Master Lock Speed Dial lock. Read on for more.

how to unlock a master lock speed dial

Many locks are equipped with a speed dial mechanism that allows easy access. For example, if you have a master lock speed dial lock, then the combination to your lock is most likely stored in the speed dial’s memory. This means that, by going through the speed dials, you can find your lock’s combination.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Unlock a Master Lock Speed Dial

Step 1: Preparation

To begin unlocking a Master Lock speed dial, you need first to purchase the following items:

  • A string or shoelace that is both thin and flexible. One that won’t cause too much discomfort if wrapped tightly around the foot.
  • Tape (optional)
    After buying these items, you can move on to step two of this guide.

Step 2: Preparation Part Two

Before beginning the actual process of unlocking your Master Lock speed Dial, make sure that you have done the following things:

– Checked for objects in front of/behind where you are standing before beginning this process. This should prevent any unnecessary injury. Be aware that there may be some minor discomfort involved with this process, but it is better than the alternative (being stuck).

– Unfastened any tight footwear such as shoes, boots, or high heels. Be sure to remove any socks beforehand too! Ensure that you are comfortable and do not fear injury.

– Remove your belt if you are wearing one.

– Tightened the string/shoelace around your foot to prevent further movement of said foot. Be sure not to tie it tight enough to cause pain, but just enough where it won’t slip off when in use.

After this step has been completed, you can begin unlocking your Master Lock speed Dial.

Make Sure It's Tight Enough

Step 3: Unlocking

To begin unlocking your Master Lock speed Dial, you need to follow this set of instructions carefully:

– Ensure that your string/ shoelace is wrapped around the foot and the dial. Make sure it’s tight enough to keep a grip on the dial without slipping off.

– Take one end of your string (or shoelace) in each hand. Be sure that the string/shoelace is taut during this process to ensure maximum efficiency.

– Slowly step away from whatever surface you are leaning against until you’re only supported by your feet, with both hands fully extended towards your lock. The closer the distance between you and the lock, the less efficient this process becomes.

– Make a fist with each hand, and position your knuckles under either side of the dial to begin this unlocking process.

– While maintaining firm pressure from both fists underneath the dial, you need to simultaneously lean back away from your lock while leaning forward towards it. The motion should be executed in a fluid movement similar to making a backward lunge without actually moving your feet.

– Lean in until you feel slight discomfort in one or both legs (this is normal), and maintain this tension for 5 – 10 seconds (whatever period feels most comfortable). Be sure not to sit or lie down until after completing all steps in this process!

There will be a slight audible ‘click’ sound if done correctly, and the dial will rotate slightly. It may require you to lean back or forward further to allow it to rotate completely. These steps will help in how to unlock a master lock speed dial.

Resetting Master Lock Speed Dial

Step 1: Clear the Combination by Squeezing and Releasing the Shackle Twice

When you are initially attempting to reset your Master Lock Speed Dial, oversee the numbers on the dial. You’ll need to squeeze and release the shackle twice before you start over with a new combination.

Reset Your Master Lock

Step 2: Shaking the Lock While Turning the Number Wheel

As soon as you have successfully cleared your old combination, begin shaking your lock while turning its number wheel. Again, do not stop until you have ultimately watched all of the numbers pass by.

Step 3: Set Your New Combination

When all of the numbers are done spinning, set your new combination by aligning each number with its matching letter below it on the shackle, write down each number exactly how it is lined up in order with its corresponding letter above it on the shackle.

Step 4: Open the Lock by Pulling Up the Shackle

Now that you have your new combination, you can open the lock by pulling up on the shackle. Then, squeeze and release each arm twice to set it inside its protective frame with both of your hands on each side of the shackle and locked-side facing out. Practice unlocking and locking a few times to make sure you’ve successfully reset your Master Lock Speed Dial.

Practice Unlocking and Locking

Tips & Warnings

–  You can set any three-number combination for your new lock, but make sure you remember what it is before setting it!

– The Master Lock Company recommends that you keep your combination someplace safe if you forget it yourself.

– If you are still having trouble resetting the combination on your lock, contact the company directly for further assistance.

How Do You Fix a Stuck Master Lock?

Unsticking a locked Master Lock is easy. Drill the shackle out of the lock housing with an electric drill, or lockpick it.

Master Locks are ubiquitous in gym locker rooms and school lockers due to their low cost and simplicity of use. Unfortunately, this simplicity makes them so widely used. As a result, they are easily susceptible to getting jammed shut or stuck due to rust or debris clogging up the locking mechanism. You can take several steps to try and remedy a stuck Master Lock.

The first step is to pry the shackle out of the locker. This will not work on all Master Locks, as some require drilling through the lock housing to open them up. But if you have a standard one with a removable shackle, you should be able to use needle-nose pliers or other prying tools to get the job done.

If these first two options don’t work, then it’s time for plan three – removing it using power tools. You can usually drill four small holes around where the shackle meets the lock housing and pry apart with ease after drilling has been completed. If your lock doesn’t have a removable shackle, you’ll have to drill through the locking mechanism.

Power tools are usually required for this type of repair because most locks are made of hardened steel that is nigh-on impossible to drill or pick with standard household tools. This is why your local gym so commonly uses them – they’re easy to use and quick to install/uninstall on a door! Just make sure you don’t bring power tools into the locker room if other people are around it – especially security guards or gym owners! Using power tools in public areas can be very suspicious, even if you aren’t blatantly breaking any laws!

One last method for unsticking a Master Lock doesn’t involve prying, drilling, or power tools. However, this method can be hazardous because it uses the keyholes to make them expand and release the lock housing from its locked position. If other methods don’t work, you may want to consider using a hairdryer to heat a small region of the lock manually.

Use Caution When Attempting

Once you notice that heat is being applied throughout the whole thing – even if after several minutes – you should be able to pry it apart with ease! This is dangerous, though, because if you overheat one keyhole, then the whole thing could explode in your face. So please use caution when attempting this method since it doesn’t work on all locks and shouldn’t be used unless there are no other options available!


There you have it! You are now a lock picking pro. You can unlock any Master Lock speed dial combination lock with just a few simple steps. Remember always to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions when unlocking locks – you don’t want anyone knowing your combinations. Now that you know how to unlock a master lock speed dial get out there and start opening up some safes!

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