How to Decorate the Top of an Armoire

The top of an armoire is a great place to show off your favorite decorative items and furniture pieces. It’s often the first thing people see when they enter your home; if you decorate it with style, it can be a real conversation piece. Decorating the top of an armoire can also help create balance in the room and draw attention away from any other furniture pieces that may not fit the overall design scheme.

How to Decorate the Top of an Armoire

One of the advantages of decorating the top of an armoire is that it can be used as a focal point in your home. Adding decorative touches, such as artwork or accessories, to the top of an armoire allows you to create a unique statement piece and draw attention to it. You can also use this space as a display surface to showcase personal items or collections.

With a wide variety of decorative options, you can create a stylish and functional armoire top. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to decorate the top of an armoire.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Decorate the Top of an Armoire

Step 1: Inspect the Top of Your Armoire

Take a look at the top of your armoire and consider what decorations will work best with it. Think about the size, shape, color, and texture that you want to achieve with your decorating.

Step 2: Choose a Theme for Your Armoire Decor

Before purchasing any decorations for your armoire, choose a theme or look you want. This is important because it will help you narrow down the type of decorations to purchase and create a cohesive aesthetic for your armoire top.

Step 3: Choose Decorative Accessories

Once you choose a theme, select decorative accessories that fit this style and feel. Consider items such as picture frames, figurines, plants, or other items that can be used to decorate the top of your armoire.

Such as Picture Frames

Carefully arrange the decorative accessories on top of the armoire to fit your chosen theme. Consider spacing and size when placing these items; you want them to fit in and look cohesive.

Step 4: Add Location-Specific Decorations

If the armoire is located in a specific area of your home, such as the living room or bedroom, you may want to consider adding decorations that match this particular space. This could include items like wall hangings, candles, or other decorative pieces.

Introduce some color into your armoire decor by adding colorful items such as flowers, artwork, or fabric. The addition of color can make the piece stand out and bring life to the whole room.

Step 5: Consider Lighting

If you want to add a bit of extra drama to your armoire top, think about adding some lighting. Options such as string lights or a lamp can create an inviting atmosphere and draw the eye to the piece. Once you have all of your decorations in place, take a step back and assess if it looks balanced. Ensure there is not too much clutter and the items are evenly distributed.

Step 6: Accessorize

An armoire top is a great place to display some of your favorite accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, or hats. Arrange these in an interesting way that adds to the overall look of your armoire. Last, but not least, add some finishing touches to your armoire top.

This could include placing a plant in the corner or adding a few decorative pillows. These small additions can make all the difference and help give your armoire top a finished look.

Adding a Few Decorative Pillows

With these steps, you will be well on to having a beautiful, decorated armoire top that you can show off with pride.

Safety Tips for How to Decorate the Top of an Armoire

  1. Make sure the armoire is situated in a stable position, and consider anchoring it to the wall or floor for extra security.
  2. Use lightweight decorations that are easy to lift and move when cleaning or rearranging items.
  3. Avoid placing fragile items on top of the armoire if possible; instead, opt for sturdier decorations like books, baskets, and plants.
  4. Choose decorations with a low center of gravity to help prevent tipping over in case of accidental bumps or knocks.
  5. Place heavier objects towards the back of the armoire top to ensure better balance for lighter items upfront.
  6. Don’t overcrowd the surface of the armoire, as this can cause it to become unstable and topple over.
  7. Use appropriate tools for lifting heavy decorations onto the top of the armoire; don’t try to lift them with your bare hands.
  8. Make sure all decorations are securely fastened to prevent them from falling off and posing a safety hazard.

By following these safety tips, you can decorate the top of your armoire safely and with confidence.

What Items Are Best Suited to Decorate the Top of an Armoire?

When decorating the top of an armoire, choosing items that will provide the desired visual effect and bring out the best in your furniture is important. Depending on what type of look you are going for, there are many different options to consider when selecting items to adorn the top of your armoire. One option is to put small decorative items such as vases, figurines, and other knick knacks. This will give the armoire a cozy, homey feel that adds to the atmosphere of any room.

Placing framed photos or artwork can also be a good choice for decorating an armoire top. Showcase your favorite family photos or beautiful pieces of art to give the armoire an extra touch. Consider large bowls, trays, and other containers if you’re looking for more practical decorative items. This can be a great way to store everyday essentials, such as keys or coins, in a stylish and organized fashion.

Putting Plants on Top

Additionally, putting plants on top of an armoire is a great idea to bring some life and color into the room. Try adding a few large potted plants or small succulents to enhance the look of your armoire top.

Are There Any Special Considerations You Should Take Into Account When Decorating the Top of an Armoire?

When decorating the top of an armoire, there are a few important considerations you should take into account. First, consider the size and shape of your armoire before deciding what is on top. A large rectangular armoire may provide more space for larger displays, such as art or sculptures. If it is a smaller piece, you may need to opt for smaller, more delicate items. Also, consider the style of your armoire and how it will fit into the rest of your decor.

Opt for pieces that will create a cohesive look in your room. If you have an elegant armoire with ornate trim, choose decorations that reflect this style, such as a polished vase or a large framed portrait. If your armoire has a more rustic vibe, you may want to opt for items like dried flowers in vintage containers.

Finally, think about the balance you want when decorating the top of your armoire. Too many large pieces can make it look cluttered and overwhelming, while to few pieces can make it look bare and unfinished. Choose a few items that will fill the space without overcrowding, such as a small sculpture or an interesting vase.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions That You Should Follow When Decorating the Top of an Armoire?  

Yes. It is important to take into consideration the material of your armoire when decorating the top. If your armoire is made of wood, you can use any type of décor or framing that you like. However, if it is made out of metal, glass, or acrylic, then it is best to avoid anything too heavy that could cause it to become unstable.

Additionally, you should avoid using any type of adhesive on the armoire top as it can damage the surface. Instead, use Command Strips or VELCRO® Brand strips for mounting items.

When decorating the top of an armoire, remember some other important tips. Make sure to leave enough space between the items on top of your armoire so that they don’t appear too crowded. You may also want to consider adding extra support for any heavier pieces.

This can be done by attaching a shelf or mounting brackets to the wall behind the armoire. Finally, never place items on an armoire that could cause it to become unstable or could potentially fall and damage your belongings.

How Can You Create a Unique Look for Your Decorations on the Armoire Top? 

When decorating the top of an armoire, there are endless possibilities. Think outside the box to create a unique look and let your imagination soar. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Decorative Items Such as Vases
  • Personalize it with photos or art pieces: Place family photos on one side of the armoire and works of art on the other. You can also hang wall plaques, framed prints, and even wallpaper to add a personal touch.
  • Accessorize: Add some decorative items such as figurines, vases, trays, or bowls. This is also a great place to display crystal or glassware that you don’t use very often.
  • Add plants: Place small potted plants on the corners of the armoire top to bring a natural touch to your room. You can also hang pots with trailing vines or add trellises with climbing flowers and greenery for an interesting effect.
  • Hang mirrors: Mirrors are great for reflecting light in a room, and the space looks bigger. Hang a few different sizes on the wall around the armoire top to create an eye-catching focal point.
  • Show your style: Place some items that reflect your hobbies or interests, such as books, musical instruments, sports memorabilia, etc., for a truly personalized look.

By following these tips, you can create a unique look for your armoire top that reflects your style and makes it stand out.


In conclusion, decorating the top of an armoire can be a great way to bring a personal touch to any space. Whether you choose to use family photos, plants, or art, it’s important to consider your armoire’s size and shape before you start decorating. 

Additionally, if you don’t have anything that fits perfectly on top of the armoire, you can always look for unique pieces that bring a personal touch to your space. With a few simple items, you can create a beautiful display that will enhance any room in your home. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to decorate the top of an armoire. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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