How to Clean Cordaroy Bean Bag

Cordaroy bean bags are a great way to add style, color, and comfort to any room. They provide a perfect place for lounging and reading, watching TV, or just relaxing with a good book. But how can you keep your Cordaroy bean bag clean? Fortunately there’s an easy solution—all you need is the right cleaning products and some knowledge of proper maintenance techniques.

How to Clean Cordaroy Bean Bag

In this blog post we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean cordaroy bean bag while preserving its softness and original color. We’ll also discuss the importance of regular vacuuming and professional cleaning services as part of your comprehensive bean bag care routine. So let’s get started—your dream couch awaits!

What is a Cordaroy Bean Bag?

Before we discuss how to clean a cordaroy bean bag, it’s important to understand what exactly this type of furniture is. Cordaroy bean bags are unique in that they feature an inner core filled with small foam pieces which provide extra cushioning and comfort when you sit down. The outer shell of the bean bag is then filled with a special type of corduroy fabric—hence the name “cordaroy bean bag.”

Is Cleaning Cordaroy Bean Bag Difficult?

Cleaning and caring for your cordaroy bean bag isn’t difficult—in fact, it’s quite easy! With the right supplies and a bit of know-how, you can easily keep your bean bag looking as good as new. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional cleaner—anyone can follow the steps outlined below to successfully clean their cordaroy bean bag.

Required Items

To clean your cordaroy bean bag, you will need the following items:

  • Vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Soft cloths or rags
  • Mild detergent (dish soap works great)
  • Bucket of warm water

10 Instructions on How to Clean Cordaroy Bean Bag

1. Vacuum

To Use a Hand Held Vacuum

Vacuum your bean bag using the brush attachment to remove any dirt and dust. Make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. It will help to use a hand-held vacuum for those harder-to-reach areas.

2. Spot Treat

If there are any spots or stains, use a soft cloth or rag and gently rub some mild detergent into the area. Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Repair any tears if necessary.

3. Rinse

Rinse the bean bag with warm water and a soft cloth or rag to remove soap residue. Allow the fabric to air dry. Rinsing is important to ensure that all soap residue has been removed, as this can cause the fabric to become stiff.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat

When your bean bag is dry, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators, as this could damage the fabric. Store it in a cool, dark place if possible.

5. Fluff and Shake

To prevent lumping, it’s important to fluff and shake your cordaroy bean bag regularly. This will help the foam pieces stay evenly distributed in the inner core of the bean bag, ensuring maximum comfort and support when you sit down.

6. Spot Clean Regularly

Using a Mild Detergent

Regular spot cleaning can help keep your bean bag looking great and extend its life. Spot clean any stains or spills immediately, using a mild detergent and warm water. Cleaning regularly will also help maintain the color and softness of the fabric.

7. Air Out Regularly

Open up your cordaroy bean bag periodically to let it air out. This will help remove any musty smells and keep it smelling fresh. It will also help reduce the buildup of dust and dirt.

8. Use a Protective Cover

An easy way to keep your bean bag clean is to cover it with a removable, machine-washable protective cover. This will not only protect it from spills and stains, but also make cleaning much easier.

9. Professional Cleaning Service

For deep-cleaning and overall maintenance, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. This will ensure that your bean bag is properly cleaned, conditioned, and looked after without damaging the fabric or inner core of the bean bag.

10. Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is also important for maintaining your cordaroy bean bag’s original condition. Vacuum your bean bag every few weeks to remove any dust and dirt buildup, using the brush attachment.

Using the Brush Attachment

Following these 10 simple steps will keep your cordaroy bean bag looking and feeling as good as new! With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can enjoy comfortable seating in your home for years to come.

8 Maintenance Tips

  1. Spot clean stains on corduroy bean bags with a mild detergent or fabric cleaner and a white cloth as soon as they occur. Washing with cold water can help prevent the stain from becoming permanent.
  2. Vacuum corduroy bean bags regularly with a handheld or upright vacuum to remove dirt and dust build up. Use the crevice attachment on the nozzle to get into hard-to-reach places, like seams and zippers.
  3. Periodically turn your bean bag over or shuffle it around to promote even wear and tear. This will also help disperse dirt and debris, reducing the amount of vacuuming needed. It will also help keep the bean bag looking fresh and new.
  4. Treat any mold or mildew on the bean bag with a fabric-safe cleaner, like rubbing alcohol. Make sure to read directions for proper use and safety precautions for your particular product.
  5. Place the corduroy bean bag in direct sunlight every couple of months to help kill any bacteria and dust mites that might be lurking in the fabric.
  6. Use a lint roller on your corduroy bean bag to remove pet hair and other stubborn debris. The roller can also be used to pick up debris from furniture and carpets.
  7. Periodically spot-check for insect infestations on your corduroy bean bag. If you find any insects or eggs, treat the fabric with a pesticide meant for fabric.
  8. Wash the body of your corduroy bean bag with a mild detergent and warm water in your bathtub or shower. Do not use hot water, as it can cause the fabric to shrink. Hang the bean bag on a clothesline to air dry once it is cleaned. If you are unable to hang it outside, place the bean bag in front of a fan or dehumidifier for faster drying. Also, make sure the bean bag is completely dry before using.
Wash the Body of Your Corduroy

Follow these maintenance tips to help keep your corduroy bean bag looking like new! Regular cleaning and care can extend the life of your furniture and make it look its best. With a little effort, you can enjoy your bean bag for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean Cordaroy Bean Bag?

Cordaroy bean bags should be cleaned every few months depending on how much they are used. Regular cleaning helps to keep the fabric looking and feeling fresh, as well as removing any dirt or dust particles that may have gotten lodged in the material over time. If you notice any spots or stains on your cordaroy bean bag, clean it as soon as possible with a mild detergent and cold water.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Cordaroy Bean Bag?

Use a Soft Cloth

The best way to clean your cordaroy bean bag is to spot clean it using a mild detergent and cold water. Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently rub the fabric in circular motions. Rinse the cloth or sponge frequently in cold water and switch to a clean area if necessary. Do not use too much pressure when cleaning, as this can damage the fabric. After spot cleaning, allow the bean bag to air dry completely before using it again.

Can I Put My Cordaroy Bean Bag in the Washing Machine?

No, it is not recommended to put a cordaroy bean bag in the washing machine. The agitation from the machine can damage and stretch out the fabric, making it difficult to retain its original shape. Spot cleaning with mild detergent and cold water is the safest and most effective method of cleaning your cordaroy bean bag.

How Long Will It Take to Finish Cleaning?

It depends on the size of your cordaroy bean bag and how much cleaning it needs. Spot cleaning usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour, while larger bean bags with more intense stains might take longer to clean. Allow the fabric to air dry completely after cleaning before using it again.


To sum up, cordaroy bean bags add an extra element of comfort to a bedroom, kid’s playroom, or living room. They are great cozy and fun pieces of furniture, but they require dedicated care to keep them free from dirt, dust and other particles that can alter their color or long-term viability.

Fortunately, caring for a cordaroy bean bag is relatively easy; if you vacuum it regularly while carefully spot clean any spills with warm water and mild soap or detergent, your cordaroy bean bag should remain intact and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. 

Taking the time to properly care for the fabric will ensure that you get all the potential value out of the piece, including softness and comfort. With proper steps on on how to clean cordaroy bean bag and maintenance you’ll be able to enjoy your cordaroy bean bag for a long time!

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