How to Turn Off Control Lock on Lg Dishwasher

Cr. One such feature is the control lock. This can be a great option if you have kids in the house, but there may be times when you want to disable it. Here’s how to turn off control lock on LG dishwasher.

how to turn off control lock on lg dishwasher

Why Turn Off Control Lock on Lg Dishwasher?

There may be times when you want to disable the control lock on your LG dishwasher for various reasons. For example, maybe you have kids in the house, and you don’t want them to be able to operate the dishwasher without your help. Or maybe you’re doing a load of dishes, and you need to add an item to the wash, but the control lock is enabled, and you can’t get to the buttons.

Required Materials

To Disable the Control Lock on Your Lg Dishwasher, You Will Need:

  • A screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench
  • A Phillips head screwdriver

How to Turn Off Control Lock on Lg Dishwasher Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Disconnect the Power

First and foremost, you need to disconnect your dishwasher from the power source. To do this, locate the circuit breaker box in your home and trip the breaker that powers your dishwasher. This will ensure that there is no power running to the appliance.

Step 2: Check the Water Temperature

If the water temperature is too hot or cold, it may cause the dishwasher not to operate properly. To check the water temperature, look for a small dial on the front of your dishwasher. If the water is too hot or cold, turn off the dishwasher and adjust the water temperature accordingly.

Step 3: Press and Hold Buttons

To disable the control lock, press and hold the “Cancel” and “Spin” buttons at the same time for three seconds. The dishwasher will start up again, and the control lock will be disabled. If not, follow the next steps.

Step 4: Open the Door and Locate the Silver Control Panel

The silver control panel is located on the front door of your dishwasher. It is where you will input your desired wash options. The control lock button will be on the bottom right-hand corner of this panel.

Your Home and Trip the Breaker

Step 5: Locate the Lock Icon and Press It to Unlock the Controls

To turn off the control lock on your LG dishwasher, locate the lock icon on the control panel once you have found it, press and hold it for 3 seconds. The control lock will then be released, and you will be able to use the dishwasher controls as usual.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If your LG dishwasher does not have a control lock, there may be another issue causing the problem. If your dishwasher is still not working after following these steps, please contact LG customer service for further troubleshooting assistance.

How to Safely Use Your LG Dishwasher

Step 1: Observe the Dishwasher

Before using your dishwasher, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how it works. Read the manual and look over the appliance. Note where the controls are located and how the different parts work together.

Step 2: Open the Dishwasher

To open the dishwasher, press and hold the “Start/Stop” button for 3 seconds. Then, the door will unlatch, and you can open it.

If your model has a control lock feature, there will be a key icon on the control panel. Press and hold the “Start/Stop” button for 3 seconds to unlock the controls.

If the “Start/Stop” button doesn’t have a key icon, your model doesn’t have a control lock feature.

Step 3: Observe the Soap Space to Know Soap Needed

Before you add soap, take a look at the dishwasher’s soap dispenser. It has two compartments: a large one for regular dishwashing detergent and a small one for liquid chlorine bleach (or other additives). If your dishwasher doesn’t have a bleach dispenser, pour the additive directly into the main wash compartment.

Step 4: Make Sure There Are No Dishes in the Dishwasher

If you try to turn off the control lock on your LG dishwasher and there are dishes inside, it will not work. You must remove all of the dishes from the dishwasher before turning off the control lock.

Step 5: Open Bottom Rack

The bottom rack is opened by pulling it outwards until it stops. The runners on the sides will keep the rack in place while loading or unloading dishes. To close, push the rack back in until it clicks into place.

Open Bottom Rack

Step 6: Take Dirty Plate

Once you have completed the previous steps, your dishwasher is ready to take in a dirty plate. Place the dishwasher in the sink and gently push it towards the dishwasher. The weight of the dishwasher against the dirty dishes will be enough to activate the spray arm and start the washing cycle. Once the dishwasher is full, it will automatically stop, and the light on the front will turn off. You can then open the door and remove your clean dishes. Keep reading for more information about how to turn off control lock on lg dishwasher.

Dishwasher Does Not Run?

If your dishwasher does not run, check if it is plugged in and turned on. If it is plugged in and turned on, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if it has tripped.

Be Sure the Power Is On

If your dishwasher does not run, check if it is plugged in and turned on. If it is plugged in and turned on, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if it has tripped.

Check the Electrical Panel

Locate the electrical panel for your house. It will likely be in the basement, garage, or utility closet. Find the breaker that controls power to the dishwasher. Flip the breaker to the “Off” position and wait a few seconds before flipping it back to the “On” position. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process a few times.

Check Dishwasher Switches & Timer

In most cases, the control lock issue on your LG dishwasher is simply a result of one of the switches being off or the timer being set incorrectly. You’ll need to access the dishwasher’s inner workings to check these components. The procedure for doing so depends on the model of your dishwasher.

For most LG dishwashers, you’ll need to open the dishwasher door and look for a small hole near the top of the door. Next, insert a paperclip or other small object into this hole and push until you feel a click. This will release the latch and allow you to open the dishwasher’s control panel.

Dishwasher Does Not Fill?

If your dishwasher doesn’t seem to be filling with water, the control lock may have been activated. This safety feature prevents accidental changes to the dishwasher’s settings. Press and hold the “Start/Pause” button for three seconds to turn off the control lock. The control lock will be released, and the dishwasher will start to fill with water.

Dishwasher Doesn't  Seem to Be Filling

Make Sure the Water Supply Is Turned On

If the dishwasher still doesn’t seem to be filling with water, check to ensure that the water supply is turned on. The shut-off valve for the dishwasher is usually located under the sink. If the valve is turned off, turn it clockwise to turn on the water supply.

Check for a Clogged Filter

If your dishwasher is leaving food particles or soap residue on your dishes, it might be because the filter is clogged. To clean the filter, unscrew the cover of the dishwasher and remove the filter. Clean it with warm water and soap, then reattach it and screw the cover back on.

Check the Water Inlet Valve

If the dishwasher is still not filling with water, the water inlet valve may be defective. To check the water inlet valve, remove the lower rack and look for the water inlet valve at the back of the dishwasher. If the valve is defective, replace it. If you want to know more about how to turn off control lock on LG dishwasher, keep reading.

Water Temperature Accordingly

Troubleshooting an LG Dishwasher Not Starting

  1. Check power supply: Start by ensuring your dishwasher is properly plugged in and the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. If there’s no power, your dishwasher won’t start.
  2. Door latch: Check if the dishwasher door is closing properly and if the latch is engaging. If the door isn’t closed all the way, or if the latch is broken, the dishwasher will not start.
  3. Start button: If the door is properly latched, try pressing the start button. If the button is faulty or not working, you won’t be able to start the dishwasher.
  4. Control panel: Check the dishwasher’s control panel. If the panel is not responding or if there is an error message flashing, it could indicate a problem with the control board.
  5. Drainage: If the dishwasher is not draining properly, it may not start. Check if there is excess water in the dishwasher and if the drain hose is clogged or kinked.
  6. Filters: Check if the dishwasher’s filters are dirty and clogged. Dirty filters can prevent water from reaching the dishwasher’s pump, which can cause it not to start.
  7. Spray arm: Check the spray arm for clogs or obstructions. Clogs can prevent water from reaching the dishes, which can cause the dishwasher to not start.
  8. Water supply: Check if the water supply valve is open and if there’s enough water pressure. Low water pressure can prevent the dishwasher from starting.

By going through these steps, you can troubleshoot your LG dishwasher that won’t start and identify the issue that needs repairing or replacing.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Get My Dishwasher Out Of Control Lock?

There are a few ways to try to get your dishwasher out of control lock. The first thing that you can try is to unplug the dishwasher and plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, then you can try to reset the dishwasher by pressing the power button for three seconds. If this still doesn’t work, then you can try to find the manual and look for the reset button. If you can’t find the reset button, you should call customer service.

Why Is My Dishwasher on Control Lock?

If your dishwasher is on control lock, you have selected a cycle, and the dishwasher will not start until you unlock it. Press and hold the “Cancel” button for three seconds to unlock the dishwasher.

How Do I Turn Off the Control Lock on My Lg Dishwasher?

To turn off the control lock on your Lg dishwasher, you will need first to locate the control lock button. The button is typically located on the dishwasher’s front panel, near the bottom. Once you have found the button, press and hold it for a few seconds until the control lock is disabled.


If you have an LG dishwasher with a control lock, we hope this article has helped you turn it off. Remember to read your appliance’s owner’s manual to make sure you are using it correctly and safely. For more tips on using your LG dishwasher, check out our other articles or contact us for support. Thanks for reading! Thanks for reading our post about how to turn off control lock on lg dishwasher.

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