How to Grunge Candles

Candles provide the perfect ambiance for any setting, but they can also be accessorized to fit any style. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to grunge up your candles for a unique look that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. So grab your candles and get ready to grunge them up!

How to Grunge Candles

When it comes to decorating your home, there are a million different ways to go about it. From traditional to modern, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of grunge to your home, why not try grunging candles? It’s a simple process that can be done with just a few supplies, and it’ll add personality and character to any room. Keep reading for instructions on how to grunge candles!

Why is Grunging Candles a Great Option?

1. Unique Appearance

Grunging candles add texture and depth to your candles, giving them a one-of-a-kind look. So if you want to stand out from the rest, grunging is a great option. Also, it will give your candles a rustic and distressed look, perfect for the popular “farmhouse” style.

2. Customization

Not only does grunging add unique visual appeal, but it also allows for customization. You can choose your colors and fragrances to create a truly personalized candle. You can customize it with your aesthetic in mind or even as a special gift for someone else.

3. Cost Effective

Grunged candles also offer a cost-effective way to make your own candles at home. The supplies needed for grunging are usually affordable and easy to find, such as wax chips, fragrances, and molds. But make sure to always follow safety precautions when working with hot wax.

4. Eco-Friendly

Grunging candles use materials that may have otherwise been discarded, such as coffee grounds or dried herbs. So it is a great way to repurpose and reduce waste. This is what makes grunging a great option for those who want to be more eco-conscious.

Great Way to Repurpose and Reduce Waste

5. Fun and Satisfying

Not only do grunging candles result in beautiful and unique creations, but the process can also be enjoyable and satisfying. It allows for creativity and experimentation, making each candle truly your own. So have fun with it and see what you can come up with!

Things You Will Need to Grunge Candles

  • Candle (any size or shape will work)
  • Grunge wax or wax crayons
  • Heat source (heat gun, blow dryer, or hot plate)
  • Optional: pigments and/or glitter for color

How to Grunge Candles in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose a Candle Base

You can use store-bought candles or even recycled candle wax from old candles. But make sure to clean and dry the wax before starting. Cause it is very important that the surface of the wax is smooth and free from any debris.

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Area

Lay down some newspapers or a drop cloth to protect your work surface from wax spills. It’s also a good idea to have a heat-resistant container or pot nearby for melting the wax. It is essential to do because it prevents any accidents.

Step 3: Melt the Wax

Using a double boiler or melting pot, melt down your wax. Make sure to give it enough time to fully liquefy before moving on to the next step. It is a very tough step to do. So you have to be extra careful while doing this step.

Step 4: Add Color and Fragrance

If you want to add color or scent to your grunge candle, now is the time to do it. Simply mix in some candle dye or fragrance oil into the melted wax. Stir thoroughly until everything is well combined. You can choose any kind of color or fragrance as per your choice.

Step 5: Pour the Wax into Your Mold

Carefully pour the colored and scented wax into your candle mold or container. Make sure to leave about half an inch from the top of the mold for the grunge layer. You have to be extra careful while doing this step because if the wax spills, it may cause accidents.

Pour the Wax into Your Mold

Step 6: Create the Grunge Layer

Take some scraps of old, hardened wax and break them up into small chunks. Sprinkle these chunks onto the surface of the still-liquid wax in your mold. You can also add other embellishments like dried flowers or herbs at this point if desired.

Step 7: Allow the Candle to Cool and Set

Leave your candle to cool and set it for several hours before removing it from the mold. Make sure that it has completely solidified before trying to remove it. Also, be careful while removing it from the mold.

Some Unique Ideas to Grunge Candles

1. Apply a Coat of Metallic Spray Paint

This is unique and adds a bit of shine to grunge the candle. You can use any kind of spray paint, but metallics add a special touch. Also, use painter’s tape to cover any areas you don’t want to be painted, and make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area.

2. Adding Glitter

Glitter is another great way to add some sparkle to your grunge candle. You can either sprinkle glitter onto the wet spray paint or mix glitter into the melted wax before pouring it into the mold. You can choose any kind of glitter as per your choice.

3. Create a Crackled Effect

Using tissue paper and Elmer’s glue, you can create a crackled effect on your candle. Simply tear small pieces of tissue paper and apply them onto the candle with the glue. Once dry, paint over top with black or any dark color to enhance the crackled effect.

Create a Crackled Effect on Your Candle

4. Embed Flowers or Leaves

Another unique way to grunge a candle is by embedding dried flowers or leaves into the wax before it cools and hardens. Simply place the dried flowers or leaves onto the melted wax, pressing them down lightly, and allow them to cool completely before removing them from the mold. It will add a natural and earthy touch to your candle.

5. Mix in Coffee Grounds

For a more rustic look, mix some used coffee grounds into the melted wax before pouring it into the mold. This will add texture and a unique aroma to your candle. It will give a distressed and grungy look to your candle.

6. Experiment with Different Wax Colors

Mixing different colors of wax together or layering them can also create a unique and grungy appearance for your candle. Just be sure to allow each layer to cool and harden before adding the next one to ensure they don’t mix together.

7. Create a Distressed Look with Sandpaper

Once your candle has cooled and hardened, use sandpaper to create a distressed look on the outside. This will add texture and give it that grungy appearance. Have fun experimenting with different levels of sanding to achieve your desired look.

Overall, there are many ways to grunge a candle and make it unique. Get creative with these ideas or come up with your own to make a one-of-a-kind candle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create a Grunge Look on My Candles? 

To achieve a grunge look, try using an uneven layering technique with multiple colors or adding texture elements such as glitter or sand to the wax before it hardens. You can also experiment with different types of molds to create unique shapes for your candle. Once the candle is finished, try distressing the label or wrapping it with twine for an extra grungy touch.

Using an Uneven Layering Technique

What is the Best Method for Melting the Wax? 

This will largely depend on the amount of wax you are working with. For smaller batches, a double boiler on the stove or a microwave can work well. If you are melting a larger amount of wax, using a dedicated wax melter is recommended for safety purposes.

Can I Add Fragrance to My Grunge Candles? 

Yes, fragrance can definitely be added to achieve a scented candle. Make sure to follow the recommended usage rate for the specific fragrance or essential oil you are using. You can also try layering fragrances to create your own unique scent combination.


Now that you know how to grunge candles, it’s time to get crafty! The great thing about this project is that it can be as simple or complex as you want. Get a group of friends together and make a night of it, or go at it solo. Just have fun, be creative, and enjoy your beautiful new candles!

Making grunge candles is a great way to add some fun and personality to your home. They are also easy to make, so you can get started right away. Just be sure to follow the safety instructions carefully. With a little bit of creativity, you can have stylish and unique candles that will brighten up any room in your house.

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