How to Gift Wrap a Canvas Painting

Canvas paintings are a great way to show your creative side, and they make wonderful gifts. However, giving someone a canvas painting can be tricky since it must be packaged carefully to protect the artwork. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure that your gift-wrapping job is done properly so that your special someone can enjoy the artwork for years to come.

How to Gift Wrap a Canvas Painting

Gifting a canvas painting as a present is an excellent way to show your appreciation, affection, or admiration for someone special. Wrapping the art piece securely and professionally will ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. You can easily create stunning gift wrap presentations when gifting a canvas painting with some basic supplies such as scissors, tape, and paper or fabric. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to gift wrap a canvas painting in this blog article.

Step-by-step Instructions for How to Gift Wrap a Canvas Paintin’

Step 1: Inspect the Painting

Before you wrap the painting, check for any loose or protruding nails, staples, or other fastenings. Ensure the canvas is secure and won’t rip or snag during wrapping. Next, gather your supplies, including a roll of gift wrap in a size that fits your painting, scissors, and tape.

Step 2: Measure the Gift Wrap

Wrap by Wrapping a Ribbon

To ensure a snug fit, measure the length of your painting with a measuring tape or ruler and add an extra 1-2 inches. Cut the gift wrap to size, leaving some extra room for overlap at the edges. You can also use painter’s tape to mark the desired size on the back of the gift wrap and cut along the lines.

Step 3: Place the Painting on Wrapping Paper

Lay down some newspaper or scrap paper to protect your work surface from dirt and glue. Then, lay out the painting with its face up. Place the gift wrap directly over it and smooth out any wrinkles or creases. Starting at one corner of the painting, lift up the gift wrap and secure it with tape on the back of the canvas. You can use painter’s tape or double-sided tape for a stronger hold. Continue this process until you have secured all four corners of your painting.

Step 4: Fold the Sides

Once you have secured the corners, fold each side of the gift wrap over to adhere securely to the canvas. Ensure there is equal overlap on all four sides and that no part of the painting is exposed. Use tape in any areas where folds are needed for a more secure hold. For a more polished look, fold over and secure the edges of the gift wrap to create a neat frame around the painting. Again, use tape for extra security if needed.

Step 5: Wrap in Ribbon or Twine

As an optional step, finish off your gift wrap by wrapping a ribbon or twine around the frame of the painting. Secure it with a knot or bow to complete the look. If there is any excess gift wrap, trim it away with your scissors. Ensure not to cut too close to the canvas edges to maintain a neat frame.

Wrap by Wrapping a Ribbon

Step 6: Check the Painting

Before you tie the ribbon or twine, double-check that the painting is secure and has no exposed edges. Make sure all of the tapes securely adhere and nothing looks off-kilter. Once you have checked the painting, you can tie off the ribbon or twine and gift it away. With a little bit of extra time and care, your wrapped canvas painting will look professionally done.

Precautions for How to Gift Wrap a Canvas Painting

  1. Before starting, be sure to have all the necessary materials (e.g., wrapping paper, tape, scissors) before beginning to wrap your canvas painting.
  2. As you gently handle the painting to avoid any damage or scratches, be sure to support the edges of the canvas with one hand while using your other hand for wrapping.
  3. Make sure to use a wider width of wrapping paper and tape compared when gift-wrapping other items. This is important to ensure the canvas painting is secure and protected once wrapped.
  4. When taping, make sure to go around the four sides of the canvas with enough tape in order to protect it.
  5. Measure out the exact dimensions of the canvas before cutting your wrapping paper. This will reduce any excess or unnecessary paper waste and ensure enough coverage on each side without making it too tight or loose for the painting.
  6. Avoid using plastic wrap to protect your artwork, as this can cause condensation, which can potentially damage the painting.
  7. Take your time when wrapping; rush jobs may lead to a less-than-desired outcome and increases the chance of damaging your artwork.
  8. Lastly, make sure to avoid using any metal tags or attachments on the canvas, as this could cause scratches when it rubs against other surfaces.

Gift-wrapping a canvas painting requires patience and knowledge of the right techniques to protect your artwork during transportation or storage.

How Should You Measure Your Canvas Painting Before Wrapping It?

Before you begin to gift wrap a canvas painting, it’s important that you accurately measure the size of the artwork. Measure the width and height of your canvas painting in inches or centimeters so that you can purchase wrapping materials that are large enough to cover it fully. Make sure to add an extra inch or two around all sides of your artwork to ensure that the painting is completely covered when you’re done.

How Should You Store Your Gift-wrapped Canvas Painting After Wrapping? 

Once you have finished gift-wrapping your canvas painting, it’s important to store it in the right way. This will ensure that the wrapping will remain intact and your gift looks great when you present it. Here are a few tips for storing your gift-wrapped canvas painting:

  • Place the wrapped canvas painting in a box or container. This will protect it from rough handling and ensure the wrapping stays in place.
  • Store the gift-wrapped canvas painting upright to prevent the weight of the artwork from pulling on the wrapping.
  • Place a layer of bubble wrap between each layer of wrapping paper to protect your gift-wrapped canvas painting further.
  • Make sure the box or container you use for storing your canvas painting is dry and free of moisture, as this could damage the wrapping paper.
  • Place a few cotton balls in the box or container to absorb any excess moisture that might build up over time.
Painting in a Box

Following these tips will help to ensure that your gift-wrapped canvas painting looks great when you present it. With proper storage, your gift should be able to stand the test of time and look as beautiful in years to come as it did on the day you wrapped it.

How Long Will It Take to Wrap a Canvas Painting?

Wrapping a canvas painting may take some time, depending on the size and shape of the painting. A large canvas painting can be difficult to wrap since it is often awkward in shape and bulky. Furthermore, the more intricate and elaborate your wrapping job, the longer it will take. If you’re using gift paper or fabric with an elaborate pattern, it may take longer to wrap the canvas.

Generally speaking, you should plan on spending an hour or two wrappings a canvas painting. However, depending on your level of expertise and the specifics of the project, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. If you’re pressed for time or want to create a more elaborate look, you can always enlist the help of a professional gift wrapper.

How Much Extra Material Should You Buy When Wrapping a Canvas Painting? 

When it comes to wrapping a canvas painting, you should always buy more than enough wrapping paper or gift bags. This is because canvas paintings are often larger and bulkier than most items, and they require extra material to cover the entire surface of the painting.

Additionally, some canvases may have a 3D element or be thicker in certain areas, so extra paper or bags may be needed to cover these areas. If a canvas painting is especially large, buying multiple small rolls of wrapping material can be helpful rather than one larger roll. This way, you’ll have enough material for the entire gift without having too much left over afterward.

Wrapping a Canvas Painting

Regardless of what type of gift wrap or bag you choose, always make sure that the surface of the painting is completely covered. This will help keep your canvas painting safe and secure during transit or when it’s being stored. Additionally, if you’re using a paper wrap for the gift, it can be helpful to use double-sided tape to hold everything in place.


In conclusion, gift wrapping a canvas painting is easier and faster than you think. Using the above steps, you can easily and effectively package your masterpiece for that special person. Start by selecting a box large enough to fit your painting without too much extra room. 

Securely wrap the canvas with bubble wrap or tissue paper before placing it in the box. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to gift wrap a canvas painting. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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